I don't have access to channels higher than 48

I installed openwrt on my xiaomi 4a 100m international edition and everything worked great so far except for 5ghz connectivity, I can use channels from 36 to 48 but when I choose anything higher than that the WiFi refuse to get enabled
The CPU is MediaTek MT7628AN
And the 5ghz WiFi chip is MT76x2E
I'm on the latest build for my device "OpenWrt 22.03.5"

What country did you specify in Wi-Fi settings?


Some DFS channels require to listen for IIRC 60 seconds without transmission, so for some channels it can take a while between enabling the radio with that channel set and the radio becoming usable.
Not sure though whether that is your issue or not.


I just left it on driver default

Looks like the driver default is China with very restrict WiFi channels, I changed it to USA and it works now, thanks

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