I contacted Linksys asking them to deblob/open their drivers, will you ask too?

I am hopeful that more people will request openness by simply starting up a chat here: http://www.linksys.com/us/support-article?articleNum=155192

(scroll to the bottom of the link's page and click "Start Live Chat" and then select the "Home Product Chat" button.)

The rep who helped seemed responsive. I told him Linksys will make more money cause more people will buy with open drivers. In my request I sent the link to Felix Fietkau's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiUosbhR0Wo

Maybe if enough people request it, the mwlwifi can be the next ath9k driver. This would be good because the wrt1900acs and wrt3200acm offer more powerful hardware than what can generally be found in openwrt/lede compatible devices. And Linksys is marketing their product as "Open-source ready."

Except Linksys doesn't/didn't write the driver - Marvell does (common mistake :slight_smile: ).

I believe mwlwifi is already undergoing a rewrite, not sure if that means more open drivers though...

CEOs are more worried about 'IP' (however flimsy it is) than anything else nowadays, it seems.

What incentive does Marvell have to open the driver? The pressure will come from Linksys to do this, no? And can't Linksys choose to use a different driver if they want (eg, the mt76)?