I can't install sysupgrade file on my router Comtrend VG-8050

Hello guys please help me find a solution
i have my Comtrend VG 8050 i already installed openwrt 22.3.3 version, i can't find wireless option in network, when i try to upgrade firmware flash using the file that end with sysupgrade.bin my router lights start blinking in red and green, i wait too long (15min), then i had to reset device and install openwrt again to access, when i try to upgrade it using putty and winscp i get "connection failed" and when the upgrade start using openwrt interface the router doesn't stay connected it reconnects too much btw i use rj45 to connect cause when i installed openwrt the wifi option doesn't work i had to plug rj45 to access the router
thanks in advance

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OpenWrt does not support the wifi chip in that model. It can be used as a wired router only.

so i can't use it as wireless repeater?

Not with OpenWrt. Have you looked to see if there is dd-wrt for it?

  • dd-wrt is an entirely separate project from OpenWrt and sometimes they have better support of Broadcom hardware.

thanks for your help
but dd-wrt doesnt support Comtrend unfortunately, i have like 4 routers all of them are fibre but unsupported devices

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