I cant find wiki page for rpi3 ?!

i can't find wiki page and install guid or help for raspberry pi 3 B from link ?!
i need help for install lede on raspberry pi 3 B ?

There is no dedicated devicepage for the rpi3.


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where is download image lede file for use raspberry pi 3 B ?


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Has anyone got wlan and lan to work simultaneously on the pi3? I'm using a lte card as wwan but only wlan or lan will work when the other is not in use.

This is a known bug:

Hi... I Followed The Instructions Completely And Carefully.. But When I Turn DHCP Client On For LAN/WAN And After Turning WIFI On I Lose My Access To My RPi... I Can't Connect To It's WFI Not Even Web Interface And Command Terminal... And I Will Have To Re Install LEDE Again...and on...
I Want To Share My LAN Network Through WIFI By My RPi 3 ... PLS Help Me Installing And Configuring LEDE on RPi 3... tx For Ur Instructions...