I can't find and install a firmware for TL-WR849N-V4

I didn't find a firmware for my router TL-WR849N(BR)- v4.
Please help me coz my router is instable and i cant configure to use BGN(just one) and with BG my conection is not full and with BGN mode it falls everytime.
Please help me.


I try to install it from my router firmware settings and it says: "Error Code: 4503
The uploaded file was not accepted by the device."
Can you tell how install too ?

You should install openwrt firmware by tftp program.

What firmware is installed?
If it is original firmware from TP-Linkk you must choose am OpenWRT firmware with "factory" in files name. Even if openWRT firmware of "factory" type is an older version.
If the router already has an OpenWRT firmware, choose an firmware with "sysupgrade" in the files name.

Here is the archives that I found https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_fwdownload?dataflt[Model*~]=Tl-wr849n , any archive is factory. Where do I find it?

For first time installation of OpenWrt on TL-WR849N v4 use the following file, as described in the installation instructions in the git-commit that added support for this device.


I can't install, I tried so much with tftp, cmd windows. But I can't do it. My signal is so unstable and I don't know what to do.