I can't find a dnscrypt-proxy package compiled with plugins

i have tp-link w8970 with latest lede trunk.
i have one problem, i can't find a dnscrypt-proxy with plugins in openwrt or lede packages.
i tried this github.com/jedisct1/dnscrypt-proxy-installer but it's not installing.
its really nice if we can have dnscrypt-proxy-plugins in package repo.
thank you

See Dnscrypt-proxy compiled with Plugins support

but this for linksys wrt router

This thread explains the reason why there is no dnscrypt-proxy with plugins available, and it explains what to do in this case, i.e. compile your own image with dnscrypt-proxy plugins enabled.

it's really a pain when compile a package.
but i think the maintainers can add a new package called dnscrypt-proxy-plugins like dnsmasq and dnsmasq-full

is there a tutorial for how to compile dnscrypt-proxy with plugins,please help

i compiled dnscrypt-proxy with plugins support and its working very nice.