I can't acces my servers behind OpenWRT - Proxmox - Hetzner

I installed a LXC OpenWRT router in proxmox, hosted by Hetzner.

My VMs, behind the OpenWRT can find internet, my OpenWRT delivers DHCP addresses good on LAN interface.

I can access to LuCi WEB interface by the WAN.

But I can't access to my server (http with 8081 port)

I did firewall rules to redirect 8081 port to my server device but it doesn't work.

If someone can help me please.


En français :

J'ai installé un routeur OpenWRT (container LXC) dans proxmox, hébergé par Hetzner.

MeS VM; derrière le OpenWRT ont bien internet. OpenWRT délivre bien les adresses DHCP sur l'interface LAN.

J'ai accès à l'interface WEB LuCi par le WAN.

Mais je n'arrive pas à accéder à mes serveurs derrère OpenWRT. (http, port 8081)

J'ai fais une règle de redirection du port 8081 vers le device de mon serveur mais ça ne fonctionne pas.

Si une âme charitable veux bien m'aider SVP.


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Did you check hetzner's firewall?

I would recommend to use ssh with publickey and relocate luci to localhost and access it via SSH tunnel. Not that it is security problem, but may attract some unwanted flies.


Yes, I allowed TCP 8081 on the Hetzner's firewall


Can you show tthe forwarding rule from /etc/config/firewall (99% you did it right if via luci)


I send you that later, my proxmox is in backup duty.


I am in no rush, even better if you leave this idle for 24h and somebody from opposite side of world comes with bright idea.


I reinstalled all the system with the same config files.

Proxmox + OpenWRT LXC

It works ...

I don't understand why but it's OK.

Thank you

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