I cannot go back to Stock TP-LINK Firmware Via TFTP (ARCHER C6 V2 EU)

Hello everyone i installed Openwrt 19.07.2 on my TPLINK ARCHER C6 V2 EU successfully but the performance is below expectation
I tried TFTP'ing stock TPLINK firmware to go back to original but i am getting

"Timeout Ack Block"
It happens about 60-70% while transfering (TFTP)

Any help is welcomed, thanks!

its "bricked" or shows some life?
rename image to 'ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin' before tftp'ing, force 100Mbps FullDuplex connection

It's now using openwrt
I've already rename the file and set speed but Everytime I tftp it will stuck at 60-70% with timeout ack block

UPDATE : I updated my laptop lan card drivers , tftp is SUCCESSFUL? but it boots back to OPENWRt

Now my router just won't boot to stock , help