I cannot access in my browser, only SSH

Hey guys I'm really new to OpenWRT honestly was just looking for a better alternative to my outdated stock firmware so I don't know all that much about networking stuff but I was fiddling around and trying to configure when all of a sudden I cannot access

I was trying to follow https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/luci/luci.secure
most recently before the issue
I think I may have somehow messed up uhttpd based on my googling? What should the default one be?

the default what?

Also, what router and which version of openwrt

of course, if you can still SSH, you can undo what you did

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I think I messed up the default uhttpd config. I actually think that was what the problem was because uhttpd was neither starting up and I was getting an error from uci. It's now been fixed...

If uhttpd was already included in the firmware, the default config is in /rom/etc/config

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