I can not get into the WNDR4300 interface when switching to luci

A few days ago I wanted to update my router tp-link WNDR4300 to the version lede-ar71xx-generic-tl-wdr4300-v1-il-squashfs-factory.bin at the beginning everything was fine and when entering the system luci by ip 192.168. 1.1 between and I'll restore it but the light went out and I did not finish restoring when the light came back I tried to enter the system and I can not just get this

Index of /

modified: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:08 GMT
directory - 0.00 kbyte

modified: Sun, 29 Jan 2017 19:03:50 GMT
directory - 0.00 kbyte

And I do not know what to do, please help me

While there appear to be missing files, the good part is that the device is apparently still responding fine. I'd suggest to just flash LEDE (same version, don't keep settings --> sysupgrade -n FILE.img) again using sysupgrade from an ssh shell; your device should also have a tftp based emergency mode, but you probably won't need it.

Just make sure to use *sysupgrade.bin image NOT *factory.bin when upgrading from LEDE to LEDE or any other custom firmware.

And how could I do to slip the router since I can not access the system?

You need to connect to your router from SSH.
On Windows, download program called Putty. type in your router IP address as Host name and connect. Enter root as username and type in your password. Don't worry if you won't see any characters being typed. It's normal.
Once logged in type in as follows (press enter after each line):

cd /tmp/
wget enter_here_link_to_firmware
sysupgrade -v -n enter_file_name_of_the_firmware

That's it. Now wait for the router to reboot. Just make sure you use *sysupgrade.bin file NOT *factory.bin. Factory is used only when you're switching from manufactures original firmware to LEDE. If you'll get an error after entering "wget enter_here_link_to_firmware" remove letter "s" from https at the beginning of the link to the file.

Using -v after sysupgrade command will show you what's going on during flashing procedure and using -n will erase all settings making sure everything works correctly after reboot.

See here for more information about this process:

Hi, I did what you asked for, but it does not do anything and it does not restart.

I could not do what you write me

Why is that?

I installed it and I did not like it I tried to go back to the factory fireware with a file and it gave me an error there can not do anything else