I bricked my Elecom WRC2533GST2 by flashing the factory firmware from OpenWrt

I download the factory firmware from official web site and download it from openwrt web interface. Now the device is dead with purple led on.
I found an article I believe it was written by a contributor of openwrt [musashino205], said "when back to maker's firmware, delete the first 32 bytes from the firmware that published on official web site, and write in to 'firmware' partition with 'mtd' command".
ELECOM WRC-2533GST2 – 鉄PCブログ (wordpress.com)
I there any way to recovery the device?

  • I can do basic soldering
  • I have basic knowledge about command line
  • I am ready to buy a USB-TTL serial converter if necessary

Thanks for your help!

I have read you article about ELECOM WRC-2533GST2. Can you help me with this? Do I still have a change to fix it without opening the case?

Unless there is some specific debrick provision in the bootloader the process would be:

  • Connect serial port.
  • Prepare a TFTP / web server with the intiramfs build of OpenWrt, and the prepared "cut" stock firmware.
  • TFTP boot the OpenWrt
  • Use wget to download the prepared stock firmware
  • Install to flash using sysupgrade -F -n.

Thank you for your reply. I also got help from @musashino. I will try to fix the router after the USB converter arrives and report the results here.

Hello @huangda1982,
I also got stuck in the same state as yours, could you tell me how did you fixed it?