I bricked my DL-WRX36, any way to unbrick? Lol

I got my new DL-WRX36 today and was eager to set it up with OpenWrt. I immediately realized it was more complicated than expected, and am admittedly very new to terminals and commands in general so I got a bit confused. After bricking the router I did some reading, that I should have done beforehand, and realized the directions for this router are for experienced OpenWrt'ers and not a noob like me. I was missing some files and didn't fully understand what I was doing, proceeded anyway with wget on the wrong files, and according to the LED key provided by Dynalink it is stuck in the first step of the boot process.

To be more clear of what I've done. I'll walk you through the steps I attempted. Also, yes, I am an idiot. I made a mistake from being impatient and am not looking for sympathy or expecting a magic solution, or a solution at all. I understand this is a long shot but I may as well try it.

Steps I followed [OpenWrt Wiki] Dynalink DL-WRX36:

Firstly I completed option 2 and then immediately got stuck on "Use SCP (or other way) to transfer OpenWrt factory image, store it in /tmp". I have now found out that the direction's don't include the extra files that don't come with snapshots, and I was expected to find and download those, which I have via another thread about this router which I found post brick. Essentially, I proceeded without these files, continued the installation, ran into an error, and then rebooted the device. After a few hours of attempting everything, I got to my wits ends and as irritated as I was, I proceeded without heeding warnings.

Anyways, yeah, it is what it is. I saw someone mention UART. Is this some sort of recovery mode and how would I access it? Also, I can't seem to connect my PC to the router via LAN port without internet (even before bricking it). Am I so dumb I haven't realized this isn't possible or am I overlooking something?

Okay so I do not know how to solder nor do I have the equipment to do so. Is this the only option for recovery?

The serial console on the dl-wrx36 is populated, you don't need to solder - if you get the matching connector, but all of that is detailled in the device page (which you've linked in yourself), please read it, take a step back and read it again, don't proceed further until you've sorted any remaining misunderstandings, avoid bricking the device beyond repair by being impatient.

I apologize if this is tedious but can you elaborate?

The serial console on the dl-wrx36 is populated, you don't need to solder - if you get the matching connector


don't proceed further until you've sorted any remaining misunderstandings

I don't see a way I can proceed with the device in it's current state. I understand you're implying it is salvageable via the serial console, but I just have zero clue on what steps to take.

You need to take the unit to pieces by unpicking the four rubber feet and undoing the four screws.

You can then slide out the board in the plastic carrier.

Once it's out, the header for the serial console is at the bottom of the board, you'll need the right prewired connector (4-pin JST-PH with 2 mm pin spacing) and an appropriate serial connector for your computer. Most likely that'll be a USB to serial adapter.

If this all sounds like gibberish, find a friend for whom it doesn't!

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I read enough in the last 15 minutes about serial adapters to be able to follow that well enough. I appreciate the detailed response, however, I am able to return this device (luckily) and will get a replacement. As impatient as I am, I was hoping for a solution I could attempt right now but I understand that is not going to be the case and I should give up. The replacement comes Wednesday and I think I have read enough to be able to properly install OpenWrt this time. We'll see though, round two soon.

You probably only need to run one command in serial, to get back on track, and that's the fw_setenv bootcmd line, for initramfs boot...