I appreciate Eveyone who worked on the wbs 210 to ath79

I have these routers in a ptp long distance both the wbs 210 and wbs 510 and thanks for updating it patiently waiting for the wbs 510.I can't get another router to use with openwrt which is supported example the ubiquity R5AC lite so if anyone needs a wbs 510 email me i will purchase and send it to you thanks for the your time and effort

I should be receiving a WBS510 V2 in the next week or two to test.
I have created a branch for it and will create a PR once I have tested it.
My Test code is located at https://github.com/apcameron/openwrt/tree/wbs510v2-ath79

Sounds good but i dont have the version 2 i have version 1 I would assume lots of people have the version 1 of the 210 as well.

TP-Link WBS510 v1.20

Currently the WBS510 v1.20 is supported under ar71xx
Will that work for you or does it have to be on the ath79 branch for what you need?

its working fine but i cannot get to 27 dbm its stuck on 13dbm no matter what country i change to. and my data rate is below 54mb at 27dbm i get 150 i think. Ihave tried ath 79 on cpe 210 and i get 30dbm so im assuming its fixed on the ath79 thas why i needed to try it

Ok, Do you know how to recover your device if something goes wrong?
I can create an image for you for testing on the WBS510 v1, if you want to try it but it will need to wait until I get my WBS510 v2 so I can validate that my changes will work ok.

yes i can tftp to tp link software with i know all these stuff

Great. I will let you know in the next week or two when I have an image for you to test.
Hopefully My WBS510 v2 arrives soon.

ok thanks a million ill wait.