I am totally clueless on how to setup vlan to separate ip camera and nvr from other devices

First of all how to access and edit /etc/config/network?
I guess it has to be done through ssh/putty? but how ?

Currently I have one 2.4g ssid and one guest 2.4G wifi ssid
I am using guest 2.4g wifi ssid to connect all camera via wifi and one smartphone has an app for those 3 wifi camera - so currently on guest network ssid - 4 devices - 1 smart phone - 3 wifi camera) ---(I have disabled 5.0 Ghz wifi for now)

Can someone explain steps via luci web (not ssh)-----how to setup vlan to separate 3 cameras and one poe nvr (out of 3 cams - 2 are wifi and one will be connected directly to poe nvr because it is poe camera)

I have tplink archer a7 v5 router

If you're on windows, you can use winscp, edit the file directly through it.

This might help you:

Closing this thread because there is another one by the OP where the stated goals are mostly implemented and will likely be complete in the next iteration.