I am not sure why I'm facing Oppo A83 Preloader Driver issue

I am not sure why I'm facing Oppo A83 Preloader Driver issue? Do you have any idea?

Please help me fix it, I'm tired of it.
Tried everything. Even these Oppo A83 drivers: https://droidusb.com/download-oppo-a83-drivers/

Im not sure what youre trying to achieve...

I was trying my level best to flash my Oppo A83 but this thing doesn't go down, in Device Manager Windows 10.

Im sorry but i still dont understand whats wrong.

  • in 3-4 sentences can you sunmarise what you want to achieve / what is your goal?
  • Can you post the openwrt hardware page for your device. (Is it actually supported?)
  • Can you post bullet point Step by step what you’ve tried so far.

Oppo A83 is a mobile phone.
OpenWrt does not support any mobile phones, i.e. you can not flash OpenWrt on it.

The OpenWrt forum can not help you with flashing new firmware to your mobile phone.
Please discuss your problem in a forum that is specialized in mobile phones.

Sure. I'm trying my best, when I saw ZTE topics here that's why I tried to post in other questions section maybe someone could have helped. anyway thanks

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