I am new, and bricked my Archer C60 v1

Sorry for not here there the Post

i bricked archer C60
how to restore have CH341 to read spi
only on power led

have ip but not enter or view nothing

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What did you do, and where did it fail?


only 1 led power on /The Power) nothing more. no response to reset button or wifi no blink Lan/wan if insert cable

me wrong send firmware hp941 to archer C60 and brick the archer.
dont understand
here the original bricked and oficial firm

You sent the wrong firmware, and are wondering why the Archer's dead?

Try the TFTP recovery as described in the link.


dont undertand anyting for this ftp, comand? win 10 x64? log nothing.
but nothing boot or led changing is a preset reset before o after power on

Disable the Win10 firewall, and it's TFTP not FTP.

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nothing responde in router i have machine win 7 , more easy its a binary recontruccion but i am noobie for router.
any for a recontruccion?

The router will not respond if it needs recovery.

Win7 works for tftp recovery, too.

recontruccion = reconstruction?

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yes recontruction(my diccionary change words) a "funcional" bios with a binary for the web page al my brick bios to re flash spi

SPI != web flash, which one is it?

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SPI are Chip Nand/Bios wherever name you call the chip
for examble i have a brick bios for a notebook y can restore full bios with a bios and brick bios take a minutes but works in my space, buy i dont have with a router experience. why dont have a full bios backup in any page.

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You had a working router, why didn't you make a flash backup, before you started to mess with it?

I'm pretty sure we cannot provide those, due to ©.

i find a bios in a forum tp link 2017 3 year and still alive the binary, now can rescontruction my old bios

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