Hwawei HG255s VSPM340

Can anyone help me modify some information within the Huawei router software for a fee, or even help convert it to openwrt software openwrt

Huawei HG255s/Huawei_HG255s)
Property:Brand) • [Model]• [Rev]Huawei HG255s -10 (VER.A)
[FCC ID] none specified
[Board ID]Property:PCB_ID) AV1HG255SM

CPU1 TriDuctor VSPM340
CPU1 Type ARM Cortex A9
[CPU1 Speed]Property:CPU1_clock_speed) 1.0 GHz
[Flash1 Chip]Flash-RAM) Spansion S34ML01G100TFI00
Flash1 Size 128 MiB
[Flash2 Chip]Flash-RAM) Winbond W25Q16
Flash2 Size 2 MiB
RAM1 Size 128 MiB
[RAM1 Chip]/Flash-RAM)
ETH chip1 TriDuctor VSPM340
Switch TriDuctor VSPM340
VOIP Ports 2
Ethernet Port Count 1-1GbE-WAN


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