HW for 1xWiFi Client + 1xAP

Hi guys,

I'm glad that this project is still active after such a long time! Thanks to everyone contributing to OpenWrt!

I'm going to live for a few month in a space with only an unencrypted WiFi link so I wonder if I could build a solution based on OpenWrt which

  • links via this WiFi to upstream (unencrypted) Wifi network via wireguard or OpenVPN
  • provides WiFI service / AP to local clients (and ethernet as well)
  • only 2.4G is required here, uplink is only ~20-40Gbit speed

And if yes (I guess it can do) - is there any hardware that is easy to get and not too expensive which provides the 2 WiFi links?

Thanks and regards

Edit: I don't mind complex config stuff/customizing - I have some experience in linux/networking/programming :slight_smile:

any dual radio router is capable of doing this.

openVPN will stress the CPU of the device, but probably not at the speeds you've indicated.

Thanks, I give it a try with a Linksys EA8300 - underestimated how difficult it is to quickly acquire a suitable device... And I wish it would be really a ~20-40Gbit as written above (~20-40Mbit of course...).

For documentation purposes (if someone is looking into this as well):
Current setup is running with 100M down/50M up (uplink: 400M down/50M up) with the EA8300:

Laptop -5Ghz-AP-> OpenWRT -> wireguard -> 2.4Ghz-Client/Cable modem -> Internet node/wireguard server