Huawei Mi-Fi E5787 or E5577


I am looking for Mi-Fi router now which I can flash with OpenWrt.

I think about Huawei E5787 or E5577.

Use case: traveller's router which can automatically connect to public wi-fi (if it is accessible) or cellular network. I want the router to setup VPN connection automatically when it connects to Internet.

The last requirement does not seem to be implemented in the router. That's why I want to flash OpenWrt to be able to develop and deploy my own package to the router if needed.

Huawei E5787 and E5577 are not listed as supported by OpenWrt. Has anybody had any experience with them or other models from their family? Any advice to other Mi-Fi routers I can take a look into?

Thanks in advance!

Discussion about adding support for these devices see OpenWrt for Huawei E5787, E5577