Huawei me909-120 lte problem

hi people, in this days i'm managing to work with this modem , but i've some problem
the modem starts in wcdma mode, and it works ok
if i send at command to switch to lte mode , it switches , and surf internet at high speed , but every time i close the internet connection, or i reboot my modem (unielec routerboard with openwrt snapshot firmware) , it come back to wcdma mode

i use the command AT^SYSCFGEX=? to see the status, and to set the mode

when i check the status, it replies that is set to 0201 (means wcdma and fallback to gprs) , i must give it to set to 030201 (means lte, fallback wcdma, fallback gprs) or 00 (means auto mode)

is it a know problem? may i resolve with a firmware upgrade? if yes, do you know the correct procedure and firmware image?

any help is appreciated!!

noone with this problem ?
at this moment i solve it with an automatic script that sent the at^syscfgex to switch in lte mode every time the interface goes up , but remain my doubt , is my card, or all this modem have the same behaviour

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