Huawei HG8121H no Wan setting

Hi I upgraded to 1gb internet and RCS RDS(internet provider) gave me HG8121H
Huawei Router. In setup, on the WAN section.I cant add anything. Also my internet is not working ,even on Wireless or on Cable. I can connect to WiFi but there is no internet connection. Any suggestions??

Are you sure that this model is supported?

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How is this related to OpenWrt?

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Sunt foarte curios daca ai reusit. Banuiesc ca trebuia sa 'fetch'-uiesti config-ul RCS si cumva sa-l pui in OpenWrt. As face-o si eu pt. ca au un software mizerabil, expirat, si care pare sa functioneze foarte prost. + Bresele de securitate sunt vechi de cel putin 2 ani . Bine, n-am pretentia c-o sa raspunzi sau careva dar na ...

Use Translate if you want to help me(I can write the entire thing in en also but my bet is that the guy who's asking knows my language.