Huawei HG659 - creating new unsupported hardware pages

This seems to be a very common modem/router in Europe and Australia/NZ. It is not currently supported by OpenWRT, but it seems to use code developed as part of OpenWRT, I can't see that it would be too hard to make it supported.

I note there is some documentation in the old wiki, I have used this info to get much further into the router. I would like to move this page into the new area. However reading the docs on adding new devices there seems to be a general reticence to create "yet more unsupported hardware pages". I feel this attitude should be revisited. Reverse engineering a router is often a combined effort and without a place to put the results of efforts, each person attempting it has to start from scratch.

Would be interested in people's thoughts.

The SOC is supported, NAND on BCM63xx might be a problem though.

However ADSL/ VDSL or FXS (phone-) support will never be possible and wlan not to an extent you'd want to use (54 MBit/s at most, if at all), neither situation is going to change.


Are you talking about this page?
Where do you want to move it and why? It is already at the right location.

You have to discern between devicepages (e.g. see above) and dataentry pages.

  • Create devicepages for as many devices as you like
  • Create dataentry pages only for supported devices

Ah yes, for some reason I didn't find that - only the old one. All good.

I'll work on that, thanks!


I dislike bumping old topics, but this is the top result on Google so I figured this is the best place. The openwrt hardware page for this device has been deleted. I can access it via the wayback machine, but I'm perplexed as to why this is has happened.

Is there something we can do to bring this page back?

There it is:

Ah, it just moved. Thanks! Not sure why it wasn't turning up when I searched for it.