Huawei hg658d with OpenWrt?

Hi. Well, here I have two copies of huawei hg658d and I would like to see if they are compatible since they are good router (signed by telmex) and seeing what layers and can be unlocked. any theory?[Brand*~]=huawei shows some Huawei devices are supported. -- not supported

A boot log and/or chip identification would be a good start to determine if it is "remotely possible"

uhmm how can i get that out ??? Do I need any specific tool?

Generally you need to open the case, find the serial pins, connect a 3.3 V serial-to-USB adapter to them, and try to read the boot console from it on another computer. 115200 8n1 is a common setting, but can be most anything (and even can change between the first- and second-stage boot loaders and the running kernel).

wow thank you very much i will try