Huawei HG655B wireless interface not found (lede)

Dear Team,

I am just new to lede and openwrt. have been reading about this for a long time now and finally had a piece of hardware to test things. My agenda is simple, to install openwrt(lede) in Huawei HG655b (64mb ram) and use it as a normal wireless router with lan 1-3 as lan ports and lan 4 as wan port.

Configuration of lan and wan ports seems to be successful, but I cannot find wireless interface from the web browser.

Network > Wireless --- Not available.

Hope my question is clear and awaiting any kind of response for this.


Are one of the following packages installed:

  • kmod-rt2800-mmio
  • kmod-rt2800-soc


WLAN Hardware: Ralink RT3062

It appears you may need the MIMO driver. Searching the package table for the RT3xxx driver, I found:[Description_wiki*~]=RT3xxx

Hope this helps.


Find the attached picture which shows required packages installed.


Is wpad-mini installed as well?