Huawei HG635 Super Router OpenSource files

I was wondering if i can get open wrt firmware for Huawei Hg635 branded with TalkTalk. this router is pretty useless with talktalk firmware. i want to use it with openwrt to make it useful. please help me out with open source files or any development going on?

Ask huawei about the source code to their openwrt or lede based firmware.

HG653 (as in the topic) or HG635?

HG635 sir that aka Super Router

unfortunately Huawei is such a pain in the @ss . i switched from huawei mate 20 pro just because no bootloader access code even i was requesting for it personally on forum.

we're perfectly aware, but the GPL openwrt build packages provided by the other vendors can be pretty useless too ... contains a link to the sources.