Huawei E3372h how to change LTE band

Hello, All

I'm using openwrt LEDE with TpLink C7 v2.
I'm using modem Huawei E3372h and I would like to change bandwidth using on my modem from ssh.
Currently I'm using 1800MHz on LTE and I would like to change for 2600MHz.

Can You please reply which command I shoudl use ? I'm completely new with LTE bandwidth


It should be band, not bandwidth.
If you need a permanent band change [from B3 to B7] you can do this outside of OpenWRT, by using any terminal. Huawei commands are widely documented, so just search for 'huawei AT^SYSCFGEX'

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Hi, Andrew
Sorry for mistakes, normalny I'm doing this by using mdma for modem and I thought this could be done internally somehow from terminal

Exactly. This is what I said -

I suppose you can use something like picocom right on your router to send AT commands to the modem.

I exactly was meaning about picocom but I completely don't know AT commands, and cannot find where can I obtain commands.
I simply meaning how to change band for example from LTE 900MHz to LTE 1800MHz.