Huawei 4G Router Connected to Slate - Bypass Hotspot limits?

Hi there,

I have a Gl.iNet Slate router which I have been using for a while. Recently I purchased a 4G Huawei E5885 router to connect via USB to the Slate and go online with my phone and computer.

I'm heading off to Italy and I noticed that Mobile Carriers offer unlimited data sims for Phones only. The deals for wireless hotspots are not advantageous.

I was wondering what would be the most common steps for me to take to leverage OpenWRT on the Slate to mask the fact that the traffic is being originated from a Hotspot.

Would going through a VPN be an option? I also read about changing TTL ports so that it won't show the connection as a hotspot/tethering, but not really sure how to proceed?

Thank you in advance for your help, and apologies for my English, as it's not my first language.

im italian, i can assure you that most italian carriers don't care if you use sim for mobile hotspot or in a mobile hotspot or in a usb dongle (it's also noted in carrier homepage). you can get around 30gb of traffic with unlimited calls and sms for 5/6 euro month.