Https redirect for LUCI

This is a train-wreck.

The instructions here don't work:

uci set uhttpd.main.redirect_https=0   # 1 to enable redirect, 0 to disable redirect
uci commit uhttpd
service uhttpd reload
-ash: service: not found


/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart

Anyway, still re-directs. Disabling port 443 in uhttpd config improves the situation. But I cannot log in. I use correct passphrase, and I'm still back at login. I know it's correct because using incorrect prompts the error: Invalid username and/or password! Please try again.


This all started after I did:
opkg update ; opkg install luci-app-wireguard and then uhttpd reloaded or something, but the page content is nothing (nothing in syslog or klog). PCAP shows..... well, I dunno. Some TLS v1.3 exchange.

The only functional, and non-desirable remedy is to reboot.

This happened to me before I couldn't login while I was using Firefox for some reason, so I had to switch browsers just to login and change password after that everything seemed to work fine.

Seems related, thanks.

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Not a solution, unfortunately.....