Https proxy setup how to?

I have wireguard VPN network running on my OpenWrt router. All my devices are clients of that network. Some services running in those servers. But those servers are insecure and not encrypted (plain http/mqtt) as I only work with them in that wireguard network.
Now I want my family to use some of that services and I don't want to configure wireguard on their devices. So I want to wrap http from VPN to https and give the world access to it on my OpenWrt device. What is the best/simplest/right way to achieve this?

PS: I checked uhttpd wiki but didn't find receipt to proxy something with uhttpd...

Try stunnel

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Check out cloudflare tunnels as well

Custom DNS and SSLH should work too, haven't actually used SSLH myself, only sniproxy, but the latter isn't available on openwrt.

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