Hello Team,

i've got a little question.
Im on installing OpenWrt on a Raspi 4 B.
Now i want to install luci.
But if i look in the file: /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf, i see the following link for luci
Now i navigate to that link in my browser.
And. UUUUHHHH. There arent any usefull files in that location.
My question is: Why is this directory empty?
What have i to do to install luci that it worked?

Thanks for help.


Did you not read the forum banner ????
Or was it too vague?

Heads up: Most of master snapshot package downloads have been temporarily removed

That has caused pretty much ALL master snapshot downloadable packages to be removed from the download server for most package archs. The download dirs currently contain just the empty indices.

That will likely cause a flood of bug reports, forum discussions etc., as casual user can't download add-on packages for master until buildbot has rebuilt the packages and uploaded them, arch by arch.

It will likely take several days until the last arch has been rebuilt and the packages are again downloadable.

you need to wait.

until the buildbot has successfully finished this:
Last ok build was on Sep 1st.
You need new packages from the next successful build round. Today, tomorrow, in two days...


Hi hnyman,

thanks for the reply.

I didnt understand the banner as i read it. Now i know, that i have to wait.

Thanks for the help.


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