Https-dns-proxy unable to use secure DNS on local mobile device

I am unable to use secure DNS option locally on my mobile device. When I select secure DNS option in android device, I get error "unable to connect" in the secure DNS selection and in the WIFI selection "connected, no internet" Is it something to do?

option force_dns '0'

here is config from https-dns-proxy

cat etc/config/https-dns-proxy

config main 'config'
        option update_dnsmasq_config '*'
        list force_dns_port '53'
        list force_dns_port '853'
        option force_dns '0'

config https-dns-proxy
        option resolver_url ''
        option listen_addr ''
        option listen_port '5053'
        option user 'nobody'
        option group 'nogroup'
        option bootstrap_dns ',,2001:4860:4860::8888,2001:4860:4860::8844'