Https-dns-proxy high memory use

https-dns-proxy seems to use a lot of memory, 3.5 to 6 times that of other daemons.

Most demons have a VSZ in the low 1000s, while https-dns-proxy is using 3.5 MB after starting, doing no resolving.

If multiple look-ups are performed, like whenever a browser is started up and proceeds to restore a previous session, memory use will quickly balloon up, resulting in a OoM crash that will leave behind a zombie, hogging the CPU and slowing down the whole router to a crawl.

The device affected is a TP-Link WR1043ND v1.8 running oldstable 18.06.7 and, sure, I appreciate 4/32 devices are considered end-of-life or whereabouts; however, the same problem was reported for a 16/128 device like the Archer A7 here:

I am also seeing higher memory use say 4-5% memory use for each IPV4 and IPV6 compared to every other app in the 0-1% range. I ran out of memory yesterday and I found another culprit and have adjusted him.

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(Adding a link for others' knowledge regarding the memory issue cited and to provide more context here.)

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FWIW I've since switched to stubby and everything has been working well enough, as far as I can see.

Unlike https-dns-proxy, there is no LUCI app, but configuration is simple enough that's no biggie.

After updating all the packages today, the https-dns-proxy package began to overload the processor of my router, although there was no such overload before. The load average was 0.8 and now it's 3.5 !!! I do not know what was corrected there in https-dns-proxy.

Stubby still works fine for me. There is a lengthy ticket on the bug tracker for https-dns-proxy if you want to take a look.

@cusp, there has been a lot of progress recently identifying the source of the leak: Which SSL library are you using?