Https-dns-proxy Blocking DNS in v22.03.2


Similar to the issue noted here, with the latest official release DoH is not quite working right. As pointed out in that post, this has been corrected - and I was able to pull in the latest corrections (cherry-pick), but ... any plans to get the fixes in to v22.03? It seems like they should be, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

FYI, with v22.03.2, DNS is OK if https-dns-proxy is stopped, but DNS fails as soon as it is enabled.

Is there a way to confirm / ensure that DoH is actually "working"? Just so I can make sure.


Did you update curl, libcurl4, and wolfssl packages?

Not specifically, but I build from source.

Check for updates on those to make sure you have the latest versions.

I think I do :laughing:. At least I have pulled (updated, installed) the latest feeds and source - all aligned for v22.03.2. If I just pull the https-dns-proxy commit, then all works.


Aye, anytime!

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the latest fixes were cherrypicked for 22.03 and merged for 22.03 and master same day:

You built something wrong then.

you can check, for example, on this site the work of doh

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tell me, did I remove ipv6 from the assembly and requests will not go or will they still continue to go to ipv6? wish they weren't there

And that's what it looked like! But I checked the source code, inside packages - it is an old version (from Aug if I recall, not seeing it now :frowning_face:).

Entirely possible ... LOL. But as noted, I checked the source - and without the cherry-pick, it's old. As soon as I update (cherry-pick), the issue is resolved. So it seems not correct in v22.03.2?


replaced dnsmasq with dnsmasq-full and web pages began to open faster, luci-app-https-dns-proxy began to work better

Pretty sure that's just perception. dnsmasq-full would have zero impact on upstream DNS requests and even less effect on a DoH proxy.

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https-dns-proxy 2022-10-15-8 - dns falls off

I have the same problem. DNS queries fail occasionally and only restarting https-dns-proxy fixes the problem.