Http login disappeared after change

archer a7
everything was working great, made a change to lan ip for relay config and http login stopped coming up at old and did not show up at new ip.
nmaped 192 range and .104 responded but all ports closed, no response over http.
So try to reset, follow instructions for factory config reset, wait for light to go solid, 10 seconds on reset button, did not reset it. No flashing power light or anything, behavior all the same.
So locked out of device on day 1, no idea why, backstop plan failed, kindof stuck.
I think I should try holding down reset button at power on like a lot of devices i have known, but just want to check here first.
But man otherwise im so excited to get this thing going. The manufacturer interface was dumbville.
Also thanks for making this whole thing in general. Just perplexed. Maybe Im missing something.

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