HTTP error 404 while loading class file /luci-static/resources/view.js

I used openwrt on my nanopi on ARM soc.
Since yesterday i can't view firewall configuration page in network = > firewall i receive this error.

#### NetworkError

HTTP error 404 while loading class file "/luci-static/resources/view.js?v=git-19.292.31773-cc35206" at compileClass (

I tried to found any response before post this question but i don't found any help !
Firwall page in status = firewall is ok

Can you help me ?
thank in advance

I am getting the same thing on one of my APs.

Can you post what build of router and what build of OpenWrt you are running pleas.


My release is
Powered by LuCI friendlywrt-v19.07.1 branch (git-20.101.12886-28fc0fa) / OpenWrt 19.07.1 r10911-c155900f66

And my router is NanoPi R1S-H3

Hi You could try updating to the latest 19.07.5 build. This will mene you would have to install your packages again tho. I am on a master build so updating will not fix it for me. I think we have different bugs tho. Mine shows up on the mane login page of luci.

I think that you using an OEM derivative of OpenWrt, not the proper one. Luci is probably modified and not the standard one.

I have a similar error but it doesn't apply to this topic - right?