HsAirpo CPE200 random lost connection

This may be strange, but I and there may be other people who experience the same thing.

I have an HsAirpo CPE200 device, when I first started the machine ran smoothly and without problems. but at an undetermined time, he suddenly couldn't get internet access.
and when I ping via the web browser GUI, I immediately get internet access.
Does anyone know what tool might be able to ping like a browser but within that machine?
Oh yes, the machine also uses open wrt like the picture below.
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me

I suspect that the firmware on the device is a vendor customized fork, and not from the official openwrt project. As such, you should reach out to the manufacturer for help.

Also, 17.01 is long since eol and unsupported.

OK sir, thank you. I will try contacting the manufacturer

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