HP-T5740/BCM57780/TPlink USB UE300


In a previous message, I explained how I progressed on OpenWrt installation on a T5740 with BCM57780 ethernet controller, then on the installation of a TPLINK USB UE300 dongle.

Now, I want to better understand the network configuration.
3 interfaces were created:
first 2 ones are related to integrated ethernet controller (they have the same MAC address)
last one is related to the USB UE300 controller.

they both receive IP address.
I can connect to the OpenWrt system only by using the IP of the integrated ethernet controller.

How to attribute a WAN type on one interface and a LAN type on the other?
How configure a router with the 2 ethernet controller I have on this PC?
Ideally WAN on UE300 and LAN on BCM57780.
I have no wifi for the moment.

Thank you!


change the zone to which the interface belongs, from LAN - green, to WAN - red.

That is what I am looking for. But I can't find in which menu I can find this option

Firewall settings?

Go to the Network - Interfaces page. Edit the interface you want to change on the Firewall Settings tab. Then save and apply.

Ok. I choose WAN for eth1.

I have now 2+1 interfaces:
BR-LAN and eth0 in green which refer to the internal controller BCM57780 (same MAC address).
They have IP address in the ínterface'page, but not the same one.
BR-LAN device is a bridge and eth0 is a ethernet adapter in 'General settings/device.

eth1 in red which refer to the USB ethernet controller.
eth1 has no ip address in ínterface' page.
eth1 is a ethernet adapter' in 'General settings/device.'

On my home switch, where the 2 ethernet cables coming from BCM57780 and TPLINK, are connected, I can see an IP address for the BCM57780 and another one for the TPLINK.

I think I have a bad configuration somewhere?
Why just after installation, there was 2 interfaces: BR-LAN and eth0 refering to the same controller?

Thank you!


br-lan is a virtual interface in the kernel. It can be thought of as a software unmanaged switch which combines several ports into one network. Typically this is used for Ethernet + wifi. If you only have one device attached it is not necessary to have a bridge for it, but keeping the bridge there makes it easy to add something like wifi or another Ethernet adapter later.

The bridge itself holds an IP address, this is like the port of a switch that is connected to a PC-- the PC has an IP, the switch doesn't. The devices in the bridge don't have their own IP address, as they don't link directly to the kernel.

Connecting the wan and the lan to the same home network makes no sense. The wan is usually connected to a cable modem or other link to the Internet as the only thing connected to the modem. Then the machines on the lan have their Internet requests routed to the wan.

Thank you.
Yes, connecting both LAN and WAN to the home network was just to verify I can reach them.

How are managed the links between LAN and WAN in OpenWrt, the routing section? Do I need to configure or set something in OpenWrt menus?

Do you know if there is some package to propose another webserver than Luci? Something similar we can find with ASUS router whose FW is OpenWrt?

Thank you all!

I have now on eth0 the ethernet controller BCM57780 and on eth1 a USB LTE key e3372.
eth0 is on zone LAN and eth1 is on zone WAN.
etho has ip address My PC is connected on it with ip address
eth1 has ip adress and is connected on e3372 ip address which act as a gateway

In diagnose option, all 3 scripts are OK. I can ping, ....
But I cannot access from my PC to the internet.

I think I have to configure something in the firewall section?

Thank you!

No, unless you messed with it previously.

Is there any other WAN zone than your USB LTE ?

What DNS and gateway does you PC get ?

Gateway: the Openwrt ip address
DNS: I did not fill anything...

I will immediately try for DNS.
And it is OK!

Thank you!
Have a nice day.