HP eprint on LEDE using Wrt3200ACM

I'm new to LEDE firmware on Wrt3200acm and I would like to run HP ePrint services.
Does anybody know about package or tutorial for running ePrint?

Thank you

Tutorial from HP...


On the LEDE site, I think all you would need to do is assign the printer to a fixed (static) IP address.

There is nothing you have to do in LEDE to get ePrint to work.
All you have to do is connect your Printer to the internet (by wire/wireless) and follow the onscreen instructions or use the build-in webserver of your printer.

Please note that a "static" IP is unnecessary here. ePrint is an outgoing service, and local clients discover an HP ePrint based on network broadcasts, so you don't have to know it's IP address anyway. Unless you're in a different subnet which I don't expect @Shah0308 to be using anyway.

It's a good idea to have a fixed (static) IP address assigned to a network printer.

Why? Why does this help ePrint?

Didn't say it helped ePrint...I said it's a good idea to have a fixed IP for a network printer.

I recommend it as one less thing to cause LAN printer issues in general. It's not a requirement.

Probably should have been more clear about that.

Also probably time to stop picking nits and get back on topic.

I kindly disagree. But we're indeed going offtopic, better wait for the OP to reply. So if he/she can work it out.

Thank you so much guys.
before I was on stock firmware for wrt3200acm so when I install LEDE firmware the printer stop working. I just factory reset the printer and added wifi key in it. also assign static ip.

Printer is back to NORMAL

THANK YOU so much to everyone of you.

Great, nice to know you sorted things out.