Howto update MikroTik RB750GR from 18 to 19

Hey all,

I'm a little bit confused howto switch my RB750GR from the older version (18) to the version 19: I found the following but I don't understand what to do:

" Attention! You can not and will not be able to upgrade to 19.07.0+ this non-native support version.
Non-native support will be obsolete with the future OpenWRT release!

On January 5th, 2019 a patchset has been accepted to support the native (RouterBOOT) bootloader on this device: installation doesn't require replacing the bootloader (as described below) and is expected instead to follow the common procedure for MikroTik devices. Accepted and merged patches can be found here.

My Questions:

  1. Have I do to restore RouterOS before I can install OpenWrt 19. And howto do this?

  2. Or Howto update the router?

Thanks for you help

From the obsolete page

Native support support is described here: rb750gr3

Great Thank for your hint.
To make it clear before I brick the device.
I have install for two years OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r10067-cde52cb486 / LuCI Master (f138fc93) on the device.
Can I update the router by simply flashing it like a router with the original RouterOS on it with the current version of OpenWrt.
If so can I flash direct from the old installed OpenWrt version or only from an RAM image.

Sorry for the stupid question but I`m not family with flashing and I'm afraid of bricking.

@jookoo, welcome to the community!

You may want to read the installation instructions on the page linked above.

As you have replaced RouterBOOT with u-boot. Reverting this is a bit cumbersome and dangerous if you do not have a SPI programmer.

You need to write RouterBOOT+RouterOS or RouterBOOT+OpenWrt(new) to the flash.

If you have made a backup of RouterBOOT+RouterOS before installing u-boot and OpenWrt(old), you should use your backup. Or you may use the backup provided by me:

Please use at your own risk. Flashing my provided RouterBOOT+OpenWrt (snapshot) may be simpler because you do not need to install Openwrt again after that.

To flash the full flash backup (16 MiB), the safest way is using a SPI programmer, because with a programmer you can recover possible bricked devices.

Without a SPI programmer, you need to flash the backup using the u-boot command line or an Openwrt(old) build that unlocks the u-boot, the u-boot-env, and the factory partitions. I'm not familiar with these procedures but I know they are dangerous.

As a workaround, you can build your OpenWrt for that device, reverting the changes to the partition and image generation. It is safer but you need to build OpenWrt every release on your own.

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I'm not sure about the OpenWrt version you currently have. If it is after the patch, sysupgrade should be fine.

You can check this by

cat /proc/mtd

If you find "u-boot", "u-boot-env", etc., you might want to check my above procedure.
If you find "bootloader1", " hard_config", etc., sysupgrade should be fine.

I read the installation instruction but it was still unclear for me.
Thanks to jwang for the detailed description. Now it is clear for me and the linked files will help to update my device.

Thanks to all

With you help I find out RouterOS is installed and sysupgrade work fine for me.

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