Howto setup IPv6 on Wireguard?

Hi there,

Yes I have tried looking it up on Google etc but no guide actually worked.

I have an own WireGuard server where my OpenWRT router connects to like a client. It works.

As I was using the same server on my phone on a free WiFi, I got a IPv6 from the server although the free WiFi hadn't any IPv6.

So I was hoping since I have a IPv4 only connection at home (ISP doesn't deploy IPv6) I could do this at the OpenWRT router. But I don't know how...

Current state: The OpenWRT does give IPv6 in LAN (fe80 address at the clients, fddf at Interfaces) and shows those also at the wg0 interface.

Is it possible to do the same at the OpenWRT router and if so, how with LuCI? The router doesn't react to any SSH connection for some reason so LuCI is requirement.

Thanks in advance!