[HowTo] Running Adguard Home on OpenWrt

Can anyone check if I am doing these steps by @erdoukki correctly?

  1. Disabling DNS part of dnsmasq(Source)

Edit the DHCP to disable port 53 for DNS:
Network>DHCP and DNS>DNS Server Port and change it from 53 to 0
Then go to AdguardHome Setup(Example: and it won't ask you to change the DNS port.

Remove all upstreams DNS from DNS/MASQ

SSH into the router. Then open the dhcp config file by running

nano /etc/config/dhcp

Then under config dnsmasq add noresolv like this(Source):
option noresolv '0'

  1. Configure AdGuard Home to replace DNS/MASQ (use port 53)

Just run the first Setup((Example:

Add your local domain to DNS at port 9153

Why and how?

Add upstreams DNS servers v4 and v6 to DNS config

How to do this?
Not sure how to do this yet. Can anyone explain this?

  1. LAN
    DHCP v4 and v6 force LAN DNS
    Optionnaly add firewall rules to Hijack DNS on your LAN

Is it talking about this?

I am going to use AdguardHome as my DHCP and it is installed in my main router.