HOWTO: OpenWrt on the Raspberry Pi 4

Selecting ‘auto” as the channel won’t work either in any mode. You have to specify a channel or it won’t work at all.

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Hi all.

I’m about to go ahead and follow this guide.

Finding anything online that is clear and concise has been an issue.

Can I just confirm and check a few things first?

  1. I don’t want use the pi Wi-Fi so can I just disable it from within open wrt to lead on to number 2…

  2. Once I disable the WiFi can I then take the lan Ethernet in to a switch and then hook up an access point to the switch like a unifi disc to give me better WiFi?

  3. Would this usb to Ethernet adapter work? It mentions that it is RTL8153 and is cheaper than the recommended one in the above guide?

Would it?

Maybe, but it is not what is suggested because we know the AX88179A chipset does a lot of work that other chips offload to the Pi/PC/SoC.