HOWTO: OpenWrt on the Raspberry Pi 4

Does anyone have an issue with USB ethernet Wan?
Sometimes I have internet but something is not and I have to restart the main router or play with OpenWRT (restart, interface reboot ).

I use Tplink ethernet USB and I installed the official image. But I have the same results with the community build system too.

Any help would be nice :slight_smile:

There were one or two occasions shortly after first setting up my Pi that the WAN interface (which was connected via the USB dongle) conked out on me. The problem seemed to clear up on its own after a while so I'm afraid I didn't do too much digging into possible causes.

If you encounter the issue again please consider starting a new thread and include whatever information you can, such as any error status from Network -> Interfaces -> Devices and any relevant log messages from Status -> System Log.

Thank you, after a few restarts and some settings changes, my issue is gone. Not sure what happened.

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