Howto install on Aerohive AP121?

Hi all,

what do i need to install owrt on an Aerohive AP121?
Do i need a (serial) cable, and if yes, wich one do i need?
I can login trough ssh, but it is not accepting the commands as seen on the wiki...
i have 4 of these, but i cannot use them because they are (still) linked trough the aerohive cloud with a account that isnt used anymore (due a dead company)
thank you!!!



  1. Hook into UART (9600 baud) and enter U-Boot. You may need to enter
    a password of administrator or AhNf?d@ta06 if prompted.
  2. Once in U-Boot, download and flash LEDE factory image over tftp:
setenv serverip tftp-server-ip;
tftpboot 0x81000000 lede-ar71xx-nand-hiveap-121-squashfs-factory.bin;
nand erase 0x800000 0x800000;
nand write 0x81000000 0x800000 0x800000;

Serial cables:

Thank you tmomas..
i just want to begin from the start :wink:
Let say i have a (USB to RS232 TTL Converter, and have it wired on the board?) and want to flash the aerohive with the ot, where to start then?
I see i need to connect trough the serial (at com# port), and do these commands, is it just that simple?
thanks again

Thanks a lot, its done.. :slight_smile:

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