[HOWTO] Install Alpine Chroot for armhf/armv7/aarm64/x86

I created a simple script which downloads Alpine linux to a given folder.
This lets you install all Alpine packages on your openrt system.
If you add $PATH and library in profile you dont even need to chroot into alpine since its compiled with musl just like openwrt.

Just prepare some space on any folder and change "INSTALL" & "ARCH" to your corresponding path and platform.
After the installation you can chroot into the path and use it as a normal alpine install.



printf "${RED}Downloading Static installer apk...${NC}\n"
wget $MIRROR/$VER/main/$ARCH/apk-tools-static-$APKTOOLS.apk
tar -xzf apk-tools-static-*.apk
rm apk-tools-static-*.apk

printf "\n${RED}Installing Base Alpine...${NC}\n"
./sbin/apk.static -X $MIRROR/$VER/main -U --allow-untrusted --root $INSTALL --initdb add alpine-base
rm -r ./sbin/

printf "\n${RED}Adding Repos to chroot${NC}\n"
echo "$MIRROR/$VER/main" > $INSTALL/etc/apk/repositories
echo "$MIRROR/$VER/community" >> $INSTALL/etc/apk/repositories
echo "http://nl.alpinelinux.org/alpine/edge/testing/" >> $INSTALL/etc/apk/repositories
chroot $INSTALL apk update
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Once inside the chroot environment, you can build, debug, and run alpine packages. The guide can also be used to install Alpine Linux from a non- Alpine Linux livecd such as Ubuntu or System rescue CD. This example installation of Alpine Linux in a chroot will work with the latest release.
Here are steps l took how to install Alpine linux on Scaleway ARM64 servers: https://docsbay.net/alpine-linux-on-arm64
Hopefully it helps!

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