Howto compile a single package in feeds/luci/applications folder

Hi all,
I have a luci-app-test package in /feeds/luci/applications folder, make menuconfig already selected [y], and if I build all openwrt software, it works. But after I made some mods, I have to build full software again and again.....wast my time.

I know if the package in /package/... folder, I can use make package/luci-app-test/compile to do it only.
But I did not find a right way to do the same for /feeds/luci/applications folder code, any suggestions?, thanks.

I do not what to move the code to package folder, it will generate some unstable problems, I had tried.

make package/feeds/luci/luci-app-WHAT/{clean,compile} V=sc

Hi @anomeome ,
Thanks, my problem solved!!!
Compiling time becomes less 1 minute from ~15min.

In the OpenWrt official Doc stie: there is an item: Building a single package

Better to improve.

Improve how?
The advice there looks correct to me.
You can skip the /feeds/luci/ part.
(Like the nano example from packages feed.)

make package/luci-app-WHAT/{clean,compile} V=sc


Thanks, you are right, one for ALL.

It was bugs on my first testing code, and build failed, then make me go to wrong direction.

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