Howto clone old releases. aa, bb & cc

i thought I'd post a little how to about cloning aa bb & cc from my github account (possible sticky ?)

for Attitude Adjustment:

git clone -b attitude_adjustment

for AA Packages:

git clone -b for-12.09

for Barrier Breaker:

git clone -b barrier_breaker

for BB Packages:

git clone -b for-14.07

for Chaos Calmer:

git clone -b chaos_calmer

for CC Packages:

git clone -b for-15.05

Why would somebody clone them from your repo instead of the official one?

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well, i personally am playing with AA, BB & CC as they can be used with with old routers with 4M flash

I then take it that you personally are patching the kernel, wireless, and application software for all the known security problems since their release.

I'd be surprised if many users with 4 MB devices have the knowledge or skills to do so.

I can't recommend anything except 18.06.1 and later for any router. With good-quality replacement devices for devices from the era of 4 MB flash available for US$20 or less, the inability of many of those ancient or under-spec-ed devices to support 802.11n or later (which drags down the entire wireless network), and the inability to secure those devices adequately for most any purpose, and the amount of time it would take to custom build a secure, functional image taken into account, say it's time to upgrade.


That does not answer the question why someone should download from your repositories instead of official OpenWrt.

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in time, yes, however, I've a long road to go

that's why I'm currently playing (and learning) with old releases, long term is were i'm aiming even though you may think it's "Pie in the sky thinking"

that can be changed by backporting, and with the improvement of compression software things will begin to become easier, with a little customization, it should be fine.

To what supported Linux kernel that is present in those ancient releases?

Also, unless you've got chips that support current 802.11 protocols and security, you're still left with an insecure wireless network that draws down performance as it can't operate in standards-compliant 802.11n mode.

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actually, now i'm thinking that i may be better releasing a new kernel for various ARM, MIPS & obviously i586+ Arches which will essentially offer *NIX community another choice
chips can be salvaged from non-working hw and donated to working hw

quick question, how should I start ?


By staying in school and realizing when your actions are wrong or obnoxious.

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With new, running devices with sufficient flash, RAM, and current wireless and, in many cases, GigE (not 100BASE-T as is present on so many 4-MB devices) for under US$20, skipping a couple coffees, beers, what have you, is probably a better plan than buying the hot-air rework equipment required and learning the skills for the general public. Now if you want a fun project, go ahead. I've got Collins S-Line tube gear from around 1960 that I play with, but not that I rely on.

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I'm frightened that you're quite I wanted to be clear (technically)...

  • Physically, this is likely impossible, difficult, or would require many, various: shims, risers and adapters
  • This would then result in your requirement to make a custom firmware for each individual device, based on the chip combinations you used
  • You'd likely have to re-fit antennas in the device
  • If you're in the US, this modification violates your authorization to use the radio under Part 15 of the FCC rules, and you would be using an illegal transmitter under definition (by my common understanding) of the Communications Act...and most nations

Per the Community Guidelines, no one can assist you with that.


How are your PCB soldering/rewiring, analog and digital circult design skills?

school was over many moons ago for me

BTW: now that was funny, lol

very good idea, thankies

good points but, all components do not have to be salvaged, e.g. the use of generic components as far as possible

i'm not in US, UK

not good. as I'm physically disabled, right side knackered & some brain damage, but as you can tell I'm not thick, so it would probably be easier if someone else physically did it

BTW: had bad car accident about 20 yrs ago