How Well Does the Linksys EA6350v3 Work With OpenWrt?

Do I use the custom files by placing the file into <buildroot dir>/files/?

That's an option too. I would prefer to replace the original file to keep track of the changes as the files folder is ignored by git. But it's totally doable and the effect is the same.ñ


Okay I have just compiled the firmware and copied the file to the correct folder but I now have no switch page on LuCI.

If I type the address in manually it's just a blank page. I only thing I can think of is I need to change the permissions on the file.

Advanced Reboot also seems to be doing weird things. OpenWrt was on partition 1 so I clicked the button on the other partition Reboot to alternative partition.... A error page displayed and when back to the IP address to gain access to LuCI, went back to Adcanced Reboot and now both partitions are OpenWrt. I re-load the page again and the firmware switches back; one saying OpenWrt and the other Linksys.

I will re-compile now to see if it makes any difference and update with the verdict.

Any other suggestions?

Please flash your firmware without keeping your settings until you can be sure that everything's working.

I didn't have any files directory so I had no pre-configured settings.

I simply did the following:-

git clone
cd ~/openwrt
git <tag or branch>
git checkout <tag or branch> 
git checkout v19.07.0-rc1
./scripts/feeds update -a && ./scripts/feeds install -a
make menuconfig
# Then selected Target System, Subtarget, Target Profile and finally saved #
make defconfig
make -j5 clean download world

I have been switching back to partition 1 (stock Linksys firmware) and flashing the factory image from there.

However, recently every time I flash the firmware the OpenWrt firmware onto partition I can't gain access to the router. Lucky enough I've been doing the hardware partition switch to get back to stock. I might try flashing the stock firmware to both partitions again in hope that it will wipe over the bad OpenWrt firmware.

Why don't you flash my firmware? I mean, it works and it's way easier. I've already suffer all of those headaches. (Don't answer, rhetorical question).

Anyway, you're problem is expected as I told you several days ago that you'll lose access to the device.

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Don't get me wrong you're firmware works wonderfully and I thank you for all of your hard work.

The reason I want to compile my own firmware is because I like to pre-configure all of the settings and to add and swap packages. If were to use your firmware and then have to swap packages around this would start taking up room on the OverylayFS.

If I can pre-package these packages at the firmware making stage inside the ROM that leaves me a lot more room later on.

At its barbones I want to take the official firmware which I know works except for the switch layout and apply the switch/VLAN fix. Obviously it was impossible to apply the switch/VLAN fix to an up and running firmware so building from source would be easier and the VLANs would already be there as part of the firmware ROM.

Swap is present in the firmware. In fact, if you use my firmware I can gift you 42 MB (39.8 MiB) of storage for all packages you want for free.

Looks to me like only searching for excuses so I'll mute this thread right now. Thanks for your interest.

Hello. Sorry to necro an old thread, but I am too also wondering how well the latest 19.07 build runs on the Linksys EA6350 router.

Can I go ahead and confidently replace the stock Linksys firmware with OpenWrt as my daily driver without any issues or are there any very serious bugs?

Also, does OpenWrt support the router's full WiFi AC speed and the beamforming technology?

I would like to find out beforehand so that I know what I'm getting myself into.


I have compiled my own firmware for the Linksys EA6350v3 along with some patches to fix a VLAN bug.

It works perfectly. DFS channels work and are extremely stable. Changing operating country works and I can also set the TX (transmit power) too.

Currently I'm using it as a dumb Acces Point and is hardwired to my main router and simply provides WiFi and additional LAN ports. This is all done via VLAN trunking. The main patch fixes the GUI to make configuring VLANs easier.

From testing and looking at the specs of the wireless capabilities this router also supports mesh.

Awesome. Sounds like your stuff runs a little smoother than the official release then.

I'm not familiar at all with building and compiling firmwares. Would I perhaps be able to somehow snag your version by any chance?

I have no experience with OpenWrt. Will the UPnP package deliver the same set it and forget it functionality as it does on the factory firmware?

Much obliged.

I'm a complete newbie and I'm trying to flash my EA6350v3 with OpenWrt for the sake of updating the unsupported Linksys factory firmware. What is the best and most stable version to use: the official stable release, the snapshot, or the one you've personally created yourself?


I will have a go at compiling an exact copy of the official build but with the patches applied and then it'll leave you to install whatever packages you want extra.

:grinning: Thank you. :grinning:

Snapshot as of last week, 19.07.0, and just released 19.07.1 have all run fine on my EA6350V3 AP. Kernel is newer (4.19) in snapshot, but haven't noticed any performance differences of note between that and 19.07.x on the 4.14 kernel.

From day one I've set up and numbered my VLAN's starting with 10 in the config files (not luci), and left the single digits used for WAN, LAN, alone. Don't know if that's still a unique EA6350v3 good idea (requirement?) or not, but have had no reason to try to break what works where that is concerned so far.

I've finally got round to compiling the firmware.

I would advise switching back to the stock Linksys firmware and then flashing from there so that you can guarantee flashing OpenWrt to the second partition.

I've put a plain v19.07.3 on my GitHub found here

The vanilla firmware is identical to the stock firmware available on the official OpenWrt download page except I've applied the two patches that are mentioned in this thread.

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Thanks. I'm in a different state at the moment and away from the router to try this out. I'll give it a shot at sometime in the future though.

Replacing the calibration file packaged with OpenWrt for the EA6350v3 improves the long range wifi performance a lot. It is well worth grabbing the file and copying it to your router after installation. See here for details:

Please read to the end of the thread to get a better underestanding of what's going on and why. I don't recommend copying files blindly without actually understanding what's the deal.

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I want to build a snapshot myself, but with the fixed, how i clone / configure the build?