How use the Repeater LAN port in the same ip range of the main router

I need to connect an IP CAM (wired model) to my main router, but because of some obstacles, it isn't possible to connect both by cable, so I'm thinking to use a repeater router.

If I connect a repeater router wirelessly to my main router, can I use the LAN port of the repeater and set up it in the same IP range of my main router?

How would it be the configuration?

The IP CAM really need to be on the same IP range.

I made a map of my network

You need to use relayd. It is documented here:

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exactly like my setup... it could be managed via relayd but you don't need relayd!
you can follow this guide using WDS Client:

for me the relayd solution was more confusing and harder to implement. because with relayd there is an additional subnet on the Lan Interface and also you already should have an internet connection so you can directly download the additional software and its dependency's in luci.

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WDS will probably not work unless the main router has support for it and the same implementation methods. Cross-platform WDS can be hit-or-miss as it really was never truly standardized.