How use my own router?

I have a direct fiber line into my house with a cienna gateway and a cisco 1900 series router. I wanna do away with the cisco router and use my router that has openwrt . Is there anyone on here that can help me out with that?

hello karma what is you r isp ? what country ?

When I went from DSL to Fiber, I plugged my Archer C7 V2 into the ONT, rebooted, and that was it.

united states, AT&T Fiber

I have the cienna 3903x. So i should be able to plug my archer c7 V5 directly to the modem and not use the cisco router?

There is no modem in fiber.

It has an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that the router plugs into directly.

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Or SFP with fiber adapter on a switch or router also work for fiber connection.

I tried plugging my router directly into the cieanna but it didnt work. im gonna let the cienna boot up completely before i power on my archer c7 and see if it works

When you talk about modem…which you don’t have with fiber.

Did you remember to set WAN interface in the router to DHCP client mode?

no i didnt. i have a fixed static ip/gateway from at&t
Do i need to put wan into dhcp?

When i said modem i meant the cieana switch/ont.

How is it configured now?

the ciena 3903x ethernet cable from it to the cisco 1900 series then ethernet cable from cisco to the archer c7 V5

I had the ISP/“router WAN” DHCP server setup more in mind instead of how you have connected the actual cables.

Which devices act as a DHCP server and who are a client?
Static IP/gateway lease is still a DHCP server/client setup.

At&t business fiber, sorry im new too this. cisco 1900 series client, archer c7 DHCP.

I still believe you need to set your router WAN to DHCP client because AT&T DHCP server is giving your router a static IP address but you need to be in DHCP client mode to use it.

It is the same with LAN in the router if you use static leases. The clients still need to be in DHCP client mode to get the static IP address from the router DHCP server.

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